For this reason, even unconsciously, humanity developed a special relationship to the books. These included frequently as living people: they are cast out and burned, barred, or, conversely, praise, spread. Since the nineties of the last century, the book market in the beginning was something incomprehensible. For a short time with the retail stores have almost disappeared classical works, giving way to mysticism, esoteric and other "spiritual" literature. Kabbalists explain this fact is very simple: cause of the outbreak of interest in this literature is the general awakening of the world to the spiritual exaltation. Demand creates supply, but in this case is infallible law of economics has not worked.

The market was filled with books, pockets publishers' profits, and the unlucky buyers have remained unsatisfied with their spiritual desires. And it is not surprising, because "spirituality", proposed by the authors of these books had nothing to do with requests awakening of the soul. Amuse the reader with illusions and fantasies, the waves subsided esoteric literature from the shelves, revealing islands of books, previously unknown to the general public. Among them were not previously appearing in the mass selling books, united by one name – the Kabbalah. They are attracted and repelled simultaneously. They tried to talk to us, but the meaning of the treatment was completely incomprehensible. But within a short time, something changed. Maybe the language of these books has become easier, and may have changed, we ourselves, who knows It turned out that a previously obscure texts hides a surprising story about the meaning of human life, the ways of its development, about a beautiful future have prepared humanity.

What is the main difference between Kabbalah of philosophies and religions? Kabbalah – a tool to improve all our lives, a means of raising humanity to a spiritual level, the level of a higher power. In Kabbalah You rigidly tied to reality, and you have nowhere to flee. You simply go from one state to another in a clear, absolute form. The initial task – to find out what exactly is up to us in our spiritual advancement. When clarifies the essence of the work entrusted to us, is found tightly defined area of freedom of action. Quickly analyze it, the person gets rid of all confusion and fog, like a patient, who eventually found cure their disease. Now everything is in order, all well known: the pill three times a day for a week – and I'm healthy. Take for yourself that book, which is written the true followers of the Kabbalists. Good luck to you in a spiritual moving! L. Shinder