Dreams – The Key To The Unconscious

"What a mess I had a dream today!" Sometimes I wake up go to such thoughts. Like and remember the events, and tie it all into one meaningful picture did not come out. And psychologists say that in dreams hidden key to our subconscious. Do I have there and the truth of this garbage? Recently deducted article and it turned out that after all some kind of knowledge you can and learn from this cereal, the main thing to rigorous analysis that could pull out of night vision goggles. The method is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge in the field of psychology and mysticism, and even to dream books need not apply. You just need to be honest with yourself and attentive to his own hidden J.

Waking up, trying to remember the dream and write it in all sorts of details (this is to be to hold on to). Further, during the day, choose your free time, and rereading his confusion, we begin to analyze in terms view of each character or object dream. Not so easy in our minds, and so every detail is important here. Here is an example: "In my dream I was traveling to an unknown country, but fell in the marshland. Me surrounded by a lot of animals that frightened me with its unpredictability. Then there was the jaguar, and began to attack me, and I dodge as I could and nearly fell into the hands of huge spiders. Then the girl came and tried me calm.

I ran to the stables, where a beautiful thoroughbred stallion ran and only when he felt safe. " Now we apply the method itself. If you put yourself in the party's dreams, the whole dream I'm afraid of something and trying to find a safe place for themselves. In terms of marshland, I feel in my element and is only something that should happen in the area, but for the jaguar is the only way of mining or fun than he did, in fact, busy. Spiders napleli network and wait until she falls prey to them in the legs. Local girl and knows how to deal with all of this and behave in a given situation. And finally, the stallion in the stable rides confident and has little interest in what happens. After the analysis we can say that I was obviously attracted to new and unexplored places where I am, of course, fear. As a part of nature, I understand what's happening is that should happen, but I'm still on the hunt for the so-constructed world and sometimes it is necessary to provoke an attack on himself or his own lure into a trap from the web. Some part of me always in control, but I'm not always able to understand it and still worry that so far has not found his stables where I feel completely confident. Here's a simple analysis of this strange dream. Of course, this is not ideal. All that is needed is show a little imagination and do not be afraid of all sorts of associations. It is necessary to practice a little, to better understand themselves and then dreams can help you make a difficult decision, or to find a way out of complicated situations.