Daniela Silva

The individual level must excuse to medicines supplying necessary information the fulfilment of the treatment, use if of the farmacoteraputico pursuing for detention of problems related with medicines and guide and aconselhamento in the medicine use of free sales. CONSEQUENCES OF MEDICINE USE NO-RACIONAL According to ANVISA have if as consequences of the not rational medicine use the progression of the pathology, iatrogenia, increase of the incidence of adverse effect for inadequate use of doses, ways, intervals of administration and/or time of treatment, increase of time of treatment, increase of the costs, not adhesion of the patient to the treatment and, therefore, therapeutical failure, medicamentosas interactions, limited effectiveness, resistance the antibiotics, farmcaodependncia and risk of infection. MEASURES TO PROMOTE the RATIONAL MEDICINE USE Amongst the measures to promote the medicine use rational are: The limitation of the medicine advertising, therefore the same ones stimulate the lapsing irrational, give emphasis to the benefits, without presenting the risks and stimulate to the self-medication. To stimulate the essential medicine use, whose which, are those that serve to take care of to the necessities of assistance to the health of the majority of the population, this must be available at any point, in the adequate amounts and the pharmaceutical forms that are required. Aiming at to promote the medicine use rational Brazil implemented some strategies as the implantation of National Medicine Politics, creation of Agency National of Sanitary Monitoring, generic Medicine Politics, clinical creation of the RENAME (2000 and 2002), protocols and therapeutical lines of direction, update of Good Practical of Manufacture in pharmaceutical and farmacoqumicas industries, regulation of the advertising and propaganda of medicines, national, regional and institucional Medicine chamber for the control of prices, courses on Education for the Rational Medicine Use (2002-2005). .