Caffeine Breastfeeding

Many recent moms wonder if it is safe to drink caffeine while breastfeeding. The answer may be a little different for each one. If you drink coffee or soda and are breastfeeding, the caffeine that you eat out in breast milk. Levels of caffeine that are extracted breast milk vary depending on the amount you drink. More caffeine you drink, the more your baby can be affected. How much caffeine I drink? In moderation it is safe for your baby.

The caffeine is extracted in breast milk. The majority of babies are not affected by the small amount of caffeine, but some babies may be affected by it. Babies who are more likely to be affected by caffeine are the newborns. Once the baby has a little more age, it is easier to digest milk, the baby may be more able to tolerate caffeine. For those mothers who avoid drinking caffeine during pregnancy, their babies may be more sensitive to caffeine intake. ES known that during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the baby is exposed to what the mother eats.

Some babies may be affected by a bit of caffeine, if MOM took caffeine during pregnancy. It is not recommended to drink more than 300 mg of caffeine a day during lactation. He is not recommended to take drinks during lactation because many energy drinks contain more than 300 mg of caffeine in a dose. Caffeine and lactation (milk) do not need to worry if the caffeine may decrease milk production. It has not been demonstrated that caffeine reduces the amount of milk that a mother produces. Alternatives to caffeine if your baby has trouble digesting the caffeine, or is it annoying, there are a couple of options you can try. Try drinking decaf. This may not solve the problem of keeping you awake, but still you will drink your coffee. Also, if it helps the baby to sleep better at night, you may need not so much caffeine. Another option if you need to take your coffee or a soft drink, tries to drink it immediately after feeding your baby. This can give the caffeine, a little more time to exit your system before the time of feeding your baby again. Drinking water after drinking your coffee also can help reduce the amount of caffeine that your baby is exposed. If you are a mother who is breastfeeding, your baby can or can not be affected by caffeine. If your baby seems uncomfortable all the time, trying to reduce the amount of caffeine you’re drinking and realize the changes. Seriously want to lose but nothing seems to work for you? Visit now: the best supplement fat burning.