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The Institute reported is 12 subsequent aftershocks, which ranged from 5.9 to 4.5 degrees on the Richter scale. The President of Haiti, Rene Preval, described as e, unimaginable situation suffered by the nation after the Quake and estimated between 30 and 50 thousand the number of dead. The magnitude 7 quake caused massive destruction in the major neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince…The Red Cross notes that there are three million victims in this sad reality, already present international aid as the United States offered in addition to economic aid, military and civilian aid. Britain, France, Italy, Spain, China, India, Latin America, Cuba, Nicaragua also have been pronounced and collaborated in this regard, to mention some of the countries that provide aid in different ways from the city. Food, medicine, doctors, nurses, technical staff. Spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs UN called a Haiti earthquake logistical nightmare.It is a mess, he told The Associated Press. Even before the earthquake, the Haitian streets were in very poor condition.

An alternative is to send supplies to neighboring Dominican Republic, but the road from there to Port-au-Prince is narrow and easily clogged. Deliveries by sea were impossible to land at Port-au-Prince, due to the damage suffered by the port in the Haitian capital, said the world food program (WFP). He said that the city’s airport is open, but it has problems to deal with the dozens of incoming flights with supplies and rescuers. The World Health Organization has said that heavy damage to at least eight Port-au-Prince hospitals are delaying the ability of physicians to serve thousands of wounded. Several hospitals in the area were destroyed by the earthquake, but the Organization doctors without borders found a pair in good condition and it is attending many victims can. It is worth highlighting the valuable cooperation that the Government of Brazil has been doing before this catastrophe, Benviol an aircraft of the air force with a field hospital and 46 military personnel of the health area, between doctors and nurses, with equipment for a surgical Center, intensive care unit, equipment of x-ray and modules for ambulatory care.