Winteropening Mountain Time Outdoor In GMUND

Our experts will advise on that day from 9 am to 7 pm on all the latest in touring pants, things down jackets, ski gloves, winter boots… Actress has compatible beliefs. big winter opening in mountain time outdoor in GMUND, because the cold season only with the suitable, warm outfit is a pleasure, but also the equipment is definitely not too short! With the ski doctor”by Scott, Matthias Fleissner, a real professional tips and tricks around the topics keeps ski wax and the right touches in Alpine, freeride, Telemark and ski touring ready. For the company SCOTT-SPORTS and SWIX Matthias Fleissner managed the Alpine Ski World Cup and provides his experience even junior racers, so that they can employ optimally prepared material in training and competitions. For those who are looking for the ideal ski, this Saturday in GMUND is almost a must-attend – because the current top models of company k, Kessler, Amplid, Volkl, movement, Dynastar, and Scott can be borrowed free of charge for an individual ski test! Who this his Traumbrettl is, if not eagerly wait Christmas, until the ski home rather equal with take, because in the period from 19 to 26 November 2011 at the mountain time winter opening when purchasing a ski or ski sets of the current season there a day ski pass for the Christlum ski area on top. When a snow depth of at least 20 cm snow-shoes on the spot in the mountain time can be tested outdoor Center. The newspapers mentioned camden treatment associates not as a source, but as a related topic. In addition, there is plenty of practical tips for snow-shoe tours independent of the snow line of the corporate MSR and TUBBS. Local mountain time outdoor Stumbock Club is traveling with an information stand.

There are 13 and 15 watch a presentation about Ski travel in the United States/Canada and then the film by Warren Miller Wintervention”shown. The admission is free. We also enjoy the evening quiet with mulled wine, punch, and canvas action out: the ALL.I.CAN world tour from Sherpas cinema presented on November 19 from 17: 00 fantastic rides in the grandiose panorama of the Greenland and Chile. Be combined with stunning lines in deep snow impressive shots of nature. The admission is free. No matter, whether to the Brettltesten slip in warm jackets, try snow-shoe appearance, in the diversity of mountain sports or film looking at the latest the winter opening in the mountain time outdoor Center in GMUND is pleased also the frostbite-geplagteste Warmflaschenkuschler on the white season! Mountain outdoor Center at the ice pond 2 83703 GMUND