Weight Loss Tips

9 – If one day you do an extra, nothing happens. 10 – Learn it well: read magazines on nutrition and diet, if you are well informed nutritional committed no errors. 11 – always worth Diets: Stay only with the message “I can not eat” is a quite negative and quite small to see. Cindy Crawford often expresses his thoughts on the topic. That terrible phrase may be replaced by: “I’ll wear a bikini” “I’ll be more healthy.” In this way the diet will not be a frustrating end but a means to gratify you. 12 – Not to be confused with your feet over your physical integrity: And much less of you. There are women that if they do. By the mere fact of being overweight are rejected to the point of hating themselves.

This lack of evaluation makes it very difficult to weight loss. 13 – If you feel like eating first drink a glass of water: If this is not enough uses a crudites – pickles, onions, carrots … -: Really like the bug is appeased. 14 – Do not forget to make 5 meals: The three main and two snacks mid-morning and mid afternoon. Your body will burn calories more slowly than in a heavy meal. 15 – Remove the fat from food and degreased in stews and soups: Remove the skin from poultry, white meat and the ham, remove with slotted spoon the fat layer that floats on the surface of soups. 16 – Depurate time to time: Make a detox diet. Try to stay one day a week only fruit and vegetables.

17 – Check your weight once a week: This is not to get obsessed with the scale, but it is good that you avoid reality check. 18 – Change Image: Cut your hair, try a new makeup … all to help you see better too will help you when you stand your ground while dieting. 19 – Maintaining Order: Living, and especially eating, in a relaxed and orderly environment helps improve the strength of will, making it more difficult to exceed with meals. 20 – tip: truly the best way to lose weight is to eat half of what they ate, and do twice the sport that was practiced.