Weight Gain Pitfalls

Already the men, many times, do not think two times on the consequncias. They eat the cake in two seconds and still they ask for more. If he is worried about its weight, is better to have gifts these tips to in general prevent the biggest errors committed for the men: 1. To eat excessively: If, after finishing to eat what he has in the plate he passes to what he is in the plate of the others or is always to repeat the dose, this is a problem. Delay approximately twenty minutes it its brain to receive the signal of that you full/are saciado, then stops to eat before if feeling satisfied, and waits the least ten minutes before repeating the meal. 2. Wrong amounts: To keep one weight healthful means to eat the certain things in the appropriate amount.

It observes tables of recommendations of portions of food, and will be able to save some calories? some quilinhos. 3. To drink the calories: Ceveja, cooling and energy they do not have useful nutricionais values and they can cause dehydration. It is better to reduce cosumo of these products in 75%. 4.

Little healthful snacks: The food is the fuel of the body. If the available fuels for its car were salgadinhos and fritos, you would buy? It is in the hour to take care of of its body. 5. To eat late: To eat candies late naa night does not go to help to have a better body. If you to need to eat something in these hours, will choose more healthful things, as integral torrada with little calricos candies, a lean fruit or cheeses. 6. Not to take small-lunch: A small-lunch that combines carbohydrates and proteins is everything what she is necessary. Lean cheeses, fruits and integral bread go to leave it without hunger until the next meal without great difficulties and prevent to eat worse are of house. 7. To eat any thing: In adult, its calricas necessities move sufficiently of the ones of its adolescence, then it is better to adjust its habits and to adjust its ingestion of calories. 8. To eat processed products: Men of the cave did not live to the ready base of cachorros-hot, meats, raviolli tinned and congealed suppers, and you also he would not have. It eats more fruits, vegetables, integral products and lean proteins. 9. To drink little water: Physical activities and climatic changes modify its water necessity. It always drinks, at least 1,5 – 2 liters, daily. 10. To eat little: To be jumping meals or to eat little during the meals makes with that you eat more later. Five or six small daily meals with two or three hours between each one are the best form to eat healthfully and to feel little hunger. Instead of making drastic changes in its feeding, it tries to make small changes, in the long run to have a bigger success in the emagrecimento. A balanced diet and physical activities also have an important paper in the control of the weight. Small changes can become great changes! Translated and adapted of examiner.com.