Voltage Regulator

Power quality often leaves much to be desired. Unstable supply current in power may be due to many causes (accidents at substations and power lines, the old transformers and cables and other unforeseen circumstances). Each of us has repeatedly faced with the disruption of power supply, which immediately affect the operation of electrical appliances. To avoid losses, which may cause jumps stress and protect themselves from "elektrosyurprizov, you must install a voltage regulator network: The unit, which included between" jumping "the network and electricity consumer, allowing you to maintain mains voltage specified. In other words, the device protects equipment from voltage, high voltage pulses, surges and drawdowns, "the supply voltage. There are three basic types of stabilizers voltage. Development of the first generation – it is ferroresonance stabilizer to the redistribution of stress.

They are reliable and capable of simultaneously stabilizing linear and phase voltage. Only these stabilizers capable of operating at temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 C, which allows you to install them in the unheated rooms. However, they have significant drawbacks: a large mass, size, noise and significant energy consumption. Power ferroresonance stabilizer ranges from 10 to 200 kVA. Major consumer groups such voltage regulators – production companies. The second type is represented by step-voltage regulators or discrete voltage regulators, they are most prevalent.

Power of such stabilizers from 100 va to 200 kVA. These stabilizers secondary winding of the transformer has leads to different coefficients of transformation are switched automatically when the mains voltage. Stepped stabilizers have a wide input voltage range, high accuracy output voltage does not distort the external network and securely operate under any load changes, while providing effective protection electroconsumers. Under this scheme work presented in our range of stabilizers "Calm" series R, P, M, T", "C". The third type voltage regulator – Electromechanical regulators. They have a capacity of 4 to 150 kW and an adjustable autotransformer-controlled electric motor. Electromechanical regulators are compact, have high Accuracy of the desired output voltage; smooth adjustment speeds from 20 to 50 V / s, the absence of noise at work and distortions of the voltage, a wide range of correction, as well as the ability to create systems with different values of nominal capacity. Such stabilizers are used in cottages, hospitals and businesses. Some models can operate at very low input voltage (100 130 V), where other kinds of stabilizers will not work. In our product range this kind of stabilizers before "E" series.