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The TV blog is the new RTL series “Post Mortem”, “The lawyers” and before we are witnessing the comeback of the German TV series or a new flop “Duke”? Hamburg, January 14, 2008 German TV series have a hard time with the local audience. Learn more at: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Whether ZDF, ARD, ProSieben, sat. 1 or RTL all stations have have make have the bitter experience in the past months, productions have barely a chance at TV viewers. While German productions as last “deadline” (sat. 1) rows flopping, celebrate U.S.

series such as the “CSI” formats or “Dr. House” quota records. A seemingly irreversible development, which itself makes experts perplexed. The market leader RTL holds now. In the coming days, the Cologne station goes right with several fresh productions at the start. On January 17 the new drama series “The lawyers” and the second season of the crime series “Post Mortem” start the comedy “Duke”, at the 18.1 with Niels Ruf. has previewed the series and checked for heart and kidney.

Convinced Kai Walther as a TV lawyer? Has RTL responds to criticism of “Post Mortem” and revised the concept of the “CSI”-Klons with Hannes Jaenicke? Is TV bully Niels Ruf as series star really funny? Exclusive to the detailed discussions of the new RTL series, there is an interview with the TV producer Elke Luhmann (Sony Pictures) on The producer is responsible for the second season of “Post Mortem” and reveals what is the makers have come up with, to help the success of the detective series. About The TV blog observed and commented on the German television landscape. Every day there are news and opinions about events, shows, series and TV stars. What programs come, which go? What show is worth the, where you can switch off safely? The daily TV tips on reveal whether the handle to the remote control is worth today. was developed for the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck and has been online since February 2007. In November 2007, the TV blog was acquired by the editorial staff. is editorially supervised by Thomas mine and Heike Babitha. The site is hosted by trading one, the Agency for Web applications. Thomas mine