Is there a treasure within you wise that you hide a treasure of a priceless inside you? If look inward will discover answers that both looking for other routes Dios I put them within you. In developing this article, reminded me of the story of the book the Alchemist, Santiago Santiago, embarked on a journey towards the conquest of the Treasury; After so long and suffering traveling to lands, customs, and languages unknown to him, and after losing everything, he finally understood that the treasure you are looking elsewhere, was beneath their feet in the place where he lived and left to go in search of the treasure. The same happens with many people who seek to store their treasures in other sources, in other places, and finally as they cannot find anywhere, end up believing that that is their destiny to live poor, sick, miserable with bad luck and debt, then it happens them say; Here I am humbly fulfilling the will of God. In other words you are blaming God of everything bad that happens to them, well thats innate in all negative mind, frustrated by poor decisions made during his life. In the Bible we find Dios has tried and it continues to century after century with humanity change their way of thinking, since the known capacity of the subconscious to generate ideas and creative power that the deposited within us makes us the largest potential creditors to erect as the pine in the storm or falling us defeated in the simplest adversityIt all depends on each person as we use that power of positive thoughts. With that treasure inside, using him correctly we create health peace and abundance in our lives, and not only that we can impart with others the knowledge so that they can also find that treasure and will make us feel benefactors of others and thus contribute a better society. The law of life is to believe in something or someone, if you believe in God, you will be able to believe that he is good and merciful to put in you a subconscious capable of taking decisions to achieve your dreams. Discover your inner treasure, works with use it well, if you think that you had a hard, sad, miserable and painful past, use that treasure, you change your negative thoughts of I cannot and don’t have and you change your future. I ask you, you know where is your treasure? Do you know how to use it? If information you seemed a little vague or you don’t understand let me know, your suggestions are very well accepted, write me, original author and source of the article.