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We saw that each of the generators of the hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants produce about 25 thousand volts electricity. (Remember that the Volt is the measure of the force with which electricity flows and owes its name to Alejandro Volta, an Italian scientist who invented the first electric battery). This initial voltage is high, at facilities of the plant, until about 400 thousand volts, because electricity can be transmitted more efficiently at high voltages. This is how he travels through high voltage cables and towers that hold them, over hundreds of kilometers, to the places where it will be consumed. The State of Chiapas to the city of Mexico an airliner takes more than one hour. Electricity covers that route in a fraction of a second, because it travels almost at the speed of light.

Before coming to our homes, offices, factories, workshops and shops, the voltage is reduced through nearby places of consumption transformers and substations. In the cities, electrical wiring can be air or underground. Submarine cables are used to deliver electricity to populated islands. When the electricity enters our home, passes by a meter. Generally operates the meter reading (every two months) an employee of the company that provides electrical service in our home, Office, workshop, etc. The meter marks the amount of kiloWatts-hour consume each day lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, television, radio, etc. It is important that you also know how to read your meter and data containing your invoice for consumption of electricity CONCLUSION: the plants transform energy with high voltage in power with medium voltage substations through, then pass to transformers and transform it into low voltage power that comes to the houses. The road loses energy due to several factors. In the House watts are used for convenience to make payments at the CFE, which measures the amount of energy transfer in a given time, since the volt only refers to the movement of current without specifying the time in which it occurs, so it is more difficult to collect. Each House corresponds to a given voltage (constant), although everything is not used, longer than the watts they consume electrical appliances varies. Original author and source of the article.