The Norm

The normative grammar has the function to establish rules for the use of the language, being, then, most used in classrooms as form to standardize the use of the language materna, even so some linguistas detach certain relative problems to the application only of the norm standard, since many people find the Portuguese and its totality of very difficult rules. The importance of the study of the normative grammar is, then, inserted in a set of rules that goes supplying in them that it is certain missed in the hour to elaborate texts and all the written form. Moreover, it is common to see that many grammarians search to base the said language in accordance with established for the norm the standard. 3 a SYNOPSIS ON LINGUSTICA Distinguishing itself total from the Grammar, the Lngustica is total on to speaks of the individuals and if it worries in understanding the differences between the dialects that vary of region for region in our country due to cultural and social miscegenation found in the same. For the linguistas, it does not have necessity of the individual to know all the grammatical rules to communicate itself in the act of speaks. The language is innate to any human being and is the media between falantes of one same country or group. However, the traditional schools if worry and to teach for the pupils, all the grammatical rules, forgetting say to improve it, being it, what the faculty dominates better. ' ' Here it is an obvious one that frequent they forget the ones that transform the study of the language into study of Grammar. Critical an indirect one to the traditional school where it is so rare that if it studies the language as half of comunicao.' ' (LUFT, 1995:16). The possibility human being of if communicating, to interact in the level of ideas, is only possible with the acquisition of a language.