The Child

– Already he goes, already he goes! – somebody answers nervously. – Mine filhinho – The one that was, lady? She enters, between – The gentleman helps me, please, my god! – The one that was that it happened? – Mine filhinho ' ' you ' ' icecream, in one wakes up – I go to call a colleague who can help, it understands of illness, lady, small boat nen there in that net and ' ' he covers ele' ' with one pra heads of cloth to esquentar coitadinho, that I already come back. ' ' Mulh' '! – it cries out with its wife? Amorna water pra to wet the feet of the people! – it leaves. – Certain! – it obeys. The woman places the baby in the net, has covered it with a thick bedspread, dries the other son and, if directing the inhabitant of the house, says: – She leaves that I help you. – Num lacks, not, deals with if drying and taking care of of ' ' its menino' '. Then the woman if seats close to the net, starts to cantarolar again.

Oldest if she approaches to the brother and the burrow. – It ' ' you ' ' icecream, mother! – I know – ' ' Mais' ' it is very, mother! – I already said that I know, youngster, ' ' vamo' ' to wait the doctor who it goes to deal with this frieza. – Here, boot the vocs feet here ' ' pra in one if gripar' '. – a basin with water says the inhabitant when placing morna in the soil. All are in that orbit point for some moments until it returns the owner from the folloied house of one gentleman. – Cad the child? – the old one asks.

– ' ' You ' ' here, ! – the boy answers. – Nobody needs to be leaned, not, gives space to me! The old one touches the forehead of the baby and balances the head. It discovers the child, it moves its bracinhos to devagar and it puts the hand in its neck, later it measures the pulsation and it tries to hear coraozinho. It breathes deep, one turns over pra woman and it says: – Lady, its nen died of cold, that has it to god, coitadinho. The woman if approaches to corpinho and the insurance with affection, then starts to cantarolar same music. The son oldest arrives together and hugs the mother. Rain for and what one hears is the contained one I cry sung of that woman, nothing more.