The Biblical

The first chapters of the book of the Gnesis have a proper and very special style. To eat the forbidden fruit is to yield to the temptation and to disobey to the divine order. To move away itself from God to follow the proper ways is the cause of all misery human being. It is truth, the scene of the serpent trying Eva to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of the good and of the evil it uses appeared language, as the one that if uses in the same poetry or in histories for children. It is a very infantile history. Nobody must think that a serpent spoke that the sin of Adam and Eva consisted of eating a fruit.

But through these images the Bible offers very deep a religious teaching to us. The Biblical narration explains that the guilt is of the proper one human being: it prefers to follow its egoistic desire to obey the orientation of God. Instead of behaving as a creature, it intends ' ' to be as Deus' ' , deciding what it is good and what is bad, according to its will You, is not obliged to accept nor to refuse the theory of the evolution. We can accept the evolution, but we must add that all this universe in transformation, and especially the man was created by God. Garden of the dem, paradise, forbidden fruit, dialogue of the woman (Eva) with the tempting serpent they are symbolic elements, in a similar way that the proper names of Adam and Eva. One is not about the accurate narration of a fact that happened in the principle, but of a species of parabola. In a pparently simple language, the Bible transmits us a truth very deep. The fact that the Bible wants teaching in them is, therefore, that the human beings had sinned since the start.