The Backgrounds Of Qigong

In the West, qigong is often on scalloped relaxation exercise. But what’s really behind it? The qigong (pronounced Chi Gong) is one of the many esoteric disciplines, which are increasingly found in our society. Like so many other things comes the qigong from the far East. It is in the West often as a relaxation exercise, partly sold healing method, is an occult practice but on closer inspection. Certainly, the physical exercises, you can most likely might characterize as moving meditation, may initially cause a certain relaxation for body and mind. It overlooked but often, in our regions, in particular, that it comes at the qigong decisively, to take a life energy called Qi (also Ki or Chi). Thus, supernatural abilities are to be acquired, which is introduced into the organism.

Due to this fact, the qigong must be regarded necessarily as occult and should not be practised. Increasingly, users now report unexpected effects of qigong. The practice has not only didn’t help, but hurt the user in other areas, for example in the areas of finance and partnership. In the worst case, the user enters a major addiction and ruined his life step by step. Such a case is also the Chinese Xiao Guang, who for many years was master of qigong and now all of them said go. He has now written a book about his experiences, and it warns of qigong exercise. He describes how he was aware that the qigong forms a gateway to occult forces, even if you know anything about it. Who practices these exercises so as a pure exercise, is not protected in the negative consequences.

The whole system of qigong is the Reiki on a spiritual basis similar to, who work with the qi or Ki – energy always to the target. Xiao Guang stressed that there are a spiritual sphere in addition to the material world, which plays a role in the qigong. Only one is confronted with the occult forces there also if this initially feel good or helpful. This makes the deception so deceitful. Xiao Guang has now turned to the Christian faith, and is working to inform as many people about the dangers of qigong. Meanwhile, there are also German qigong users who have completely stopped with the practice. Who has interest in the book by Xiao Guang, this can, titled breaking through the barriers of darkness”find, it is currently available in an English version only. Eckart Haase