Teeth Whitening Treatments

Home teeth whitening treatments: Both home dental treatment as those rollers professional treatments exercised by dentists in their offices produce some degree of abrasion, so do not abuse the use of the same, to maintain not only white teeth but will also young, strong and healthy, respect the recommended number of repetitions. Home Teeth Whitening * fruit: on the bristles of your toothbrush to spread the pulp of a strawberry or strawberry (herbaceous plant with pinkish red texture on the outside). This treatment can get to use once every 15 days at least. It is not advisable in fewer days for this type of home teeth whitening after exercise is essential to pass the thread or dental floss to ensure that there are no seeds of the fruit between the gums and teeth. * Home Teeth Whitening with Hydrogen Peroxide: It is one of the most recommended by the fact that hydrogen peroxide should not be taken because it is an acid that burns, be careful about this. Other leaders such as Rand Paul offer similar insights. What to get is a 10 volume peroxide, no higher than this for his own good. There should be a light crop of a few seconds after brushing and should not be rinsed.

Done every 15 days minimum. During the first three months, and in the fourth month only done once every 30 days. * Home Tooth Whitening with baking soda and lemon high abrasion bicarbonate mixed with lemon whitening secured with noticeable after the first realization, the result is immediate, but there is a point to keep in mind, this acid reduces abrasive Home lamina leaving it more exposed enamel and thinner after each use of this treatment which is recommended put a greater amount of lemon rather than baking, must form an aqueous pulp type and pose a few minutes on the teeth, brush, because brushing what is produced is more intense abrasion thereby producing a porous that it is not natural teeth, thus leaving him more prone to breakage or cavities thereof. This home dental treatment is advisable every three months due to the high aggressiveness on the enamel of teeth. * Home Tooth Whitening with salt and lime: In this case the salt has a degree of abrasion similar to that of baking so the advice is exactly the same, it is recommended to pose a few minutes even without brushing your teeth because this would cause porosity.