Tarot Interpretations

This naipe of the tarot suggests the persecution of the new opportunities with the profit confidence. The water is the footpath of the resistance and does not denote that the Humanity has the opportunity to modify its course in each new occasion. The hope and the confidence are the dominant peculiarities of this letter, the love by beautiful and the aesthetic feeling. Right: In this letter the light only prevails speaks, us of the arrival of propitious moments, the conquest of our ideals, the accomplishment of our dreams, to its side the influences of the negative letters that can appear in our picture, are attenuated, the fusion of the past and of the present it bears good fruits, good moments for the love, for the creative things, to initiate relations of friendship or of work, good perspective generally, we can trust the destiny, the premonitions, the dreams. It can also represent a near woman who offers her aid to us of altruistic form, we accept it. Key words: Hope, unexpected aid, shrewdness and clarity of vision, inspiration, flexibility. A great love will be given and received. Good health.

Totally spiritual letter. Invested: It shows the experience of a little while difficult, slight and moral conduct disoluta, is not moment to initiate nothing, imbalance, lack of sincerity, an offensive boastfulness, nonaid rather on the contrary to the resolution of our projects, to the concretion of our dreams that will be ruined to persist in this attitude. Key words: Arrogance, pesimism, stubborness. disease, error of judgment. Psychic impotence, reconstruction, deprivation and abandonment. Interpretations: In concrete it: Election of the truth. It arrives finally the joy, the mental clarity and La Paz. In work: It is the ideal for your aspirations.

In money: The income will flow stable and soon the longed for improvement will arrive. In friendship: Relations where the truth this over everything, friendly true, of which they do not fail. In family: Union, spiritual peace. Revelation of something surprising. In health: To control the liquids of the body. In love: The true love arrives, after great fights. If you wish more information it visits LETTERS OF the TAROT Source article: Egyptian tarot Original author and source of the article.