Sweat In Hands And Feet Is Time For Stop Taunting By Being Wet

It is natural that the body sweat when it’s hot or we do exercises, since sweating is a mechanism that the body uses to cool off. There are areas of the body of increased sweating, where the skin has largest number of sweat glands, they are the armpits, face, palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. In this article we will show you some steps and techniques that you can use to control the sweat on hands and feet, and avoid the unpleasant drawbacks of sweating: odor and damp and sticky sensation on the skin. 1 Wash the feet and palms with SOAP and water. 2 Well dry skin, especially between the toes. 3 Applies an antiperspirant product specially designed for foot and another to the palms of your hands. 4. Use cotton rather than polyester or nylon stockings.

5 Avoid tight footwear, rubber or plastic, preferring loose, leather shoes. Other useful measures to control sweat on hands and feet can be: 6. iontophoresis. Through the application of a small electric current on the skin, is achieved by closing the pores of the sweat glands. Provides good results after eight to twenty sessions of 20 to 30 minutes each. 7 Botox. The application of botulinum toxin under the skin of palms and plants is a good technique for the control of sweat. The effect lasts for six to twelve months.

Its major drawback is the high price of the toxin. 8. Endoscopic Transthoracic sympathectomy. It is a simple surgical procedure, whereby it manages to block the action of the sympathetic ganglia, nerve centers that stimulate sweating. To remove the stimulus, the sweat is greatly reduced. There are natural remedies for excessive sweat. So, you can combat your excessive sweating using very simple remedies that you can prepare at home. If you want to eliminate your Hyperhidrosis then I suggest that you click here to read my best recommendations for excessive sweat. Original author and source of the article.