Subjective Individuals

All this knowledge is accumulated in the form of scientific theories, manufacturing technology, production of various products, ie in the form of products of all generations a society of individuals, products that are directly or indirectly reflect the level and amount of accumulated knowledge about the nature of society. That is, products of the activity of individuals on are in fact materialized knowledge that through the activities of individuals from the subjective knowledge of individual consciousness, where they are in the form of subjective images of the real world, turn to the objective knowledge of public consciousness, where they take the form of various products of a society of individuals. But materialized knowledge of public consciousness – the dead, not able to self-object. Alive, capable of self-development, knowledge is knowledge of individual consciousness. Therefore, the main form of social consciousness is a body of knowledge a society of individuals.

A development of social consciousness is not only the increase in embodied knowledge, but also and above all constant from generation to generation increased the subjective knowledge of a society of individuals. Process of objectification of subjective knowledge precedes process of subjectivity of objective knowledge – the acquisition of individual parts accumulated knowledge society, based on which the individual in the process of independent research activities can acquire new knowledge. The possibility of acquiring new knowledge by the individual on any issue is determined not only by his intellectual capabilities, but also the possession of already accumulated human knowledge about a particular issue.