Silvia Marquez Leal

The masters in holistic education, has given a great twist to my life, in all dimensions, I want to comment that I am enjoying both the study of the master, that I don’t even see it as a study, I don’t see it as an extra work, performing readings, work in MSN, elaborate productions for me are moments of pleasure and emotion, because each activity I enjoy the most, is a job that I stressed not unlike relaxes me and allows me to get to know me more every day. This set of activities involving the master process, fill me light my life, guide me and allow me to enjoy this encounter with my true essence, spirituality. Each book helps me to identify myself over my real search, and I realize account I’m in you right path, because I have attended many workshops, courses and have read several books, who only stayed in the father, in the beautiful, but without any transformation in my life. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ron Galotti. The reading of books was really a learning space magnificent, that I was not limited only to learning, but helped me to clarify new concepts, analyze much wisdom within me are giving changes, deep thoughts, have led me to develop new skills as a teacher in my group, but above all I learned to see and live life very differently. My greatest gratitude to Dr. Ramon Gallegos, for this beautiful work for the benefit of all mankind, be doing with affection. Silvia Marquez Leal original author and source of the article