Psychological Exercises

On the "national space" is not a virtual space or a space for reflection, or place from which to present ideas. This is a hyper-space that is occupied as the smoke made with the container and its contents may be such that filters through opposing concepts, as well as the smoke that rises well before the rain. The "national space" is the availability of the exercise of a skill, which is discussed in a variety of ways that nature gives it durability. The "national space" lives with others, generated by other nations or blocs of nations, to the extent of the interest. Not only must possess the ability to survive, but to be "searched and interpreted" by the supporters of other national spaces. For this to happen, that space must contain national identity. That identity must be recognized as such and as intended is made.

It is for the continent of social psychological exercise that translates a presence and nature. The presence of a Nation and its unique nature and common denominators. These characteristics make the best of a community and what better than trying to build, no alarm of others, whether with respect. The "national space" is the vehicle of exposure in our community and in turn provides the shape and detail of your presentation if renewed, the predictability that other spaces will be respected as valid interlocutors. The diversity consists in an algebraic summation in which the specific enrich the whole. Contrary to the modern economy, where the global non- involves the sum of local economies, but the result of factors somatize perhaps conflicts with negative results in an accumulation of positive tests, so it is algebraic.