Private Life

One ' ' Al, Norah? I, Canova are. I wait for you for midnight return. If it is not slow, I have one surpresa.' ' ' ' I will be there. But also I have a surprise for voc.' ' ' ' It takes that he is mnage, takes that he is mnage.' ' , Canova thought. ' ' It can take off the pony of rain! None does not go to have mnage! In the truth, he is more pra proposal of what for surprise. Tchau! ' ' Canova felt something of stranger and shady in the voice of its namorada. Norah was a type of woman who it always dreamed in if relating: Long curly hair, blond, feet and hands, both delicate ones, a beautiful smile and tilted legs. But especially in this week, Canova perceived that Norah was acting strangely: It dedicated very of its time with it, was accepting all the type of fancy that it asked for in the privacy (except mnage).

It was of if to find odd, even because, Canova was not no type gala. We cannot deny that Canova was very intelligent. He was optimum commercial photograph director of a great company of of tev (Images Esquizofrnicas of a solitary life) All in the company if asked as it obtained to fisgar the heart of Norah. ' ' Ours! How the Canova, low fat person and thus, obtained to fisgar the heart of Norah? ' ' , it asked Lloyd, clerical colleague of Canova. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from celebrity trainer. (They only capsize as all were asked? Then) ' ' I do not obtain imaginar.' ' , another dispensable employee in history answered. Canova counted the minutes to meet with Norah in the hotel of always. It was thinking about a skill to finish the relationship with Norah. For it, was all mechanic, them did not sleep together, Norah, has accurate 30 days, he stopped with serious of sex, and decided? as I already said above, to carry through any fancy that it asked for.