Positive Thinking for Weight Loss

Dear reader, The main Secrets To become thin Without Being to Diet are the following: 1 – I know ANTI-DIETA (you do not concentrate in the feeding like your unique and/or main resource; you do not prohibit yourself nor you are punished with the feeding; it enjoys eating ); 2 I know INTUITIVE (olvdate of the calories and nutrients and cntrate in learning to alimentarte of an intuitive way); 3 I know FLEXIBLE (your routines of feeding and physical activity will improve in the short term with will force, but for the long term it is required of more strategies than you also own); and 4 – I know POSITIVE (today we will enter detail in this Secret; the Link of articles of the rest of you can more down find them Secrets within my profile) To be Positive? You know somebody that consigua objective-I put without a Positive Mentality?. If you do not see mentally thin, if you do not think you are going that it to obtain, , then never you will become thin (unless you you put under surgeries and remedies " milagrosos"). Don’t mention it serves that the best feeding of the world is ruled to you, because this one only works if you work (at mental level, of course,) YOU are the creator of your overweight and thinness. All the Diets lower weight if you are for that reason. But taken care of! , I have only said to lower weight, not to maintain it after the slope. There it is required much more that only to take care of what enters by your " boquita": you have to take care of what enter-leaves by your mental mouth (what you think – you feel – you create) So important he is this? you will be asking yourself more likely.