Pioneering Spirit In The United States

Pioneering spirit has more value in the he is still United States, the good old American pioneering spirit. It is also found that when it comes to the combination of social commitment and classic business targets such as revenue and profit. Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine readers called in February 2011 for proposals, which companies from their point of view in a very successful way to tackle social problems. The magazine of 25 selected from 200 proposals presented it in its online edition. These companies include about nest collective with healthy children food and preserve products, which manufactures products from recycled plastic.

For Max Karagoz company ALTON LLC (, such companies are evidence of the fact that the United States are still a suitable terrain for this with good ideas business successes to celebrate. Louise is interested also from professional reasons. He accompanied German-speaking founder with ALTON LLC on the way to the U.S. company. Good business with healthy food at some point O’Loughlin who matured in Neil Grimmer and Sheryl O’Neil Plan to contribute to the healthy nutrition of children. 2007, that led to the founding of the company nest collective, which entered into a partnership with Revolution foods. Revolution foods provides the cafeterias of schools with healthy food. Together the companies have developed a variety of healthy snacks for the breakfast box with whole grains and other healthy, natural ingredients.

For Neil Grimmer aims the work of nest collective on a similarly convenient snack to make healthy diet like junk food. Because Garcia originally came from the packaging design, it was easy for him, to give an attractive painting the new products. 2009 nest collective took over the company of plum Organics’ natural baby food. Nest collective turnover 2010 fifteen million dollars and had a total of 36 employees in the summer of 2011. Plastic waste is again useful ICH wanted a company that does something concrete, here again uses the resources of our planet in the United States, so I with good sense every day go to work”.