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In our blog we report on current events around our refreshing sports drink, let professionals such as sports scientists, trainers and dietitians come to Word and give regular General and useful fitness tips. Henry Aaron often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “LASTIN sports: from now on all social media channels” present like we would with you in communication occur and we share with you, because your opinion is very important to us. LASTIN sports is now also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and has a personal blog. Take the opportunity to express themselves E.g. on Facebook. Especially we look forward, if you like the site and recommend our content and share. Follow us on Twitter. We promise you, the content will grow steadily.

From useful fitness tips about hints to interesting sports events to information and news from the industry as followers of our Twitter channel you’ll be always Ball. On YouTube, program is of course also represented sport. In our channel, we publish in the future interesting and exciting videos and with program sports. Our social media channels at a glance: Facebook: facebook.com/gelastin.sport Twitter: twitter.com/gelastin_sport YouTube: youtube.com/user/GelastinSport blog: gelastin-sport.de/blog optimum nutritional supplement for your joints and muscles search power “for joints and muscles?” Then is the sports drink polka LASTIN sports as a dietary supplement the right choice for you. LASTIN sport includes not only 10 g FORT HEDGEHOG per day ration, the health drink supplies additional 300 mg of highly bioavailable magnesium citrate. Of course you can order our sports drink directly in our online shop. LASTIN sports – the sports-drink for joints and muscles – is the best nutritional supplement for the sport thanks to magnesium and FORT HEDGEHOG. Visit us at! We are looking forward to you!