Old Wedding Dress

I got married already so many times that I almost need an extra closet for so many wedding dresses. The first is the more flamboyant, hampon and shiny, as I was marrying me dresses were doing a little more simple but just as soft. And is that well, we always want to look beautiful that day no matter how many times we have done so. But what future you in reality to wedding dresses after the wedding? one, save it as a treasure or two, give it a second chance. There is the possibility to sell it and recoup some of the investment, but are two other problems, if you have love or that isn’t as easy to sell as you think you.

It must be taken into account that they are dresses which tend to be tailored to and is not easy to find a buyer for your same size or taste. But I that I have over one dozen of them, I think that it is time to give everyone a double use, I thought about cutting them toso in many squares of the same size and make a large white sheet with different textures to cover my bed or some old armchair, or make curtains with all veils, or simply send to do a futon and fill all them made strips. Maybe decide to separate all skirts are a good dressmaker to combine them with colored fabrics and do a proper cutting to achieve a perfect party outfit. Women can not have a room, choose cheaper flowers, reduce the event to ten guests, but never of jamases them we could put aside the tradition of wedding dresses. Original author and source of the article.