October Revolution

Unity Day, celebrated on the anniversary of the October Revolution of habit, New Year, old New Year and so until March 8. Celebrations same for us inconceivable without going to the guests, banquets, corporate parties, in short, the rich feasts that can not prevent any crisis. – Well, now you can stomach a good news! – The traditional logic of the Russian man. The stomach, however, in anticipation of such a “joy” in advance is horrified, but who will be asking him? Spicy, salty, fatty foods, foods that are traditionally considered to be incompatible: it is all in solid quantities, but still considerable doses of different flavored alcohol. To digest this, and even when the holidays are drawn for several days in a row – a problem even for a healthy stomach, which in our time, few can boast. What can we then say about the rest! The result is quite predictable payoff comes, and the completion of holiday turns into a real pain: heartburn, nausea, tightness in the stomach. Symptoms are not only unpleasant but also bears a risk of serious diseases.

If we can not renounce these excesses and to rid the stomach of a heavy load it is possible to at least help him? Today, more people are thinking about this in advance bought in pharmacies all kinds of expensive imported drugs, not thinking about the fact that many of them have many side effects and still do not know why as a result of their body more, benefit or harm. Meanwhile, domestic market has been tested and over the years proven herbal complex to the stomach “Mezifit”, developed and manufactured by “Biokor.” “Mezifit” – totally natural, Safe and 100% effective way to help the stomach. For the production of “Set for the stomach” Mezifit “” uses only high quality raw materials grown in ecologically clean region of Penza province. In the basis of preparation: – Essential oils of fennel and fragrant Elecampane. In contrast to the strong drugs based on animal enzymes, “Mezifit” stimulates the production of its enzymes and formation of digestive juices, not at Rush This enzyme system your. The drug is able to normalize the activity of the stomach and intestines to eliminate the problems associated with the violation of the diet, without any side effects to the body.

Included in the drug components complement each other for regulating the digestive action. “Mezifit” actively promotes the digestion and absorption of nutrients, improves appetite. Stimulation of mucus protects the mucosa from the damaging effects of gastric juice and chemical agents to penetrate the food or medicines. Strengthening secretion helps digest fats, prevents the colonization pathogenic bacteria in the duodenum, condition for supporting normal digestion in the intestine. Created “Mezifitom” carminative effect prevents the development of flatulence. Another significant advantage of drug: – he spososobstvuet also protect the liver, stabilizing the work of its cells and accelerating the neutralization of harmful substances. “Mezifit” – it’s your holiday without the unpleasant effects on the stomach!