Object Therapy

In this case, a technician can call himself a psychotherapist, a concept adopted in international practice – the expert who has the right to conduct long-term psychological work, not only give one-time consultation. In addition, the specialization of the therapist will allow you to decide whether it is right to solve your problem, because different areas have different psychological coping with different tasks. In the same internet you can always find information, what methods are experts or that direction, that are aimed at, and what tasks will cope best. To cite just brief description of the main directions: 1. Analytical approaches in psychotherapy, the most important of them: psychoanalysis, Jungian psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy by the method of Adler's therapy Object relations – are shown in most of the problems and conditions, including marital problems, psychosomatic disorders, neuroses and even psychoses and character disorders, but require the patient's willingness to sufficiently prolonged use and in-depth study and analysis. As a consequence, most studies show that such therapy is indicated for people educated, with a sufficient supply of intelligent, able to introspection and self-awareness.

However, this approach is actually the only one enabling the study of the cardinal problems of depth and personality adjustment. 2. Behavioral therapy in general is justified under the following syndrome: neurosis, maladaptive learned habits, not related to anxiety (eg, the habit of biting his nails, enuresis), psychopathic personality disorder, drug addiction and learned behavior affected schizophrenia. 3. Gestalt therapy is used to treat a wide range of issues, but because awareness is an essential prerequisite for the success of therapy, has the same limitations as analytical tools.