Nurse In The House: It Is Good Or Bad ?

Nurse in the house: it is good or bad? Argued that the hiring of nurses – this is for good parents always forced measure, which they never would have used if circumstances allow mom (or dad) himself is close to her baby. Ardent advocates of this idea with open condemnation of looking at women who go to work without waiting for the end of maternity leave. And if the family financial situation allows a woman does not work, but it still gives his child to the care of nannies, then those same advocates self-care and education believed that this mother is almost the embodiment of evil of the world and are ready to "hang" to it all the sins and shortcomings of the past, present and future generations of young people. I must say that certain grounds such a view is. Emotional connection to children and parents – a very important phenomenon with far-reaching consequences. Are formed such a relationship is in the process of communication, lack of which, firstly, by itself deprives us of many expensive minutes and enjoyable moments, and, secondly, can cost back to haunt in the future when the need to deal with serious life issues.

So neglect the opportunity to spend time with your child is only in very exceptional and deserving cases. But there is this "coin" and the other side. Hiring a nanny in some situations, not just an optional alternative or whim too freedom-loving parents. There are cases where co-operation with a good nanny is not just desirable, but highly recommended.