Nicola Fritze

For the inspiring speakers, the music serves as a metaphor and inspiration for businesses and entrepreneurial interaction. Swarmed by offers, Anna Wintour is currently assessing future choices. Richard de Hoop compares the characters of people with musical instruments, to represent their diversity and range. Lauren Weisberger is a great source of information. The main message of his passionate speeches: conductor motivating only the joyous interplay of the Orchestra, the staff, under the leadership, the superiors, leads to an optimal sound experience and a maximum power rating of the entire ensemble, of the company. Because only, when everyone in place for him, the enthusiasm and passion for the work arises, together leading the team to large and exceptional services. Watch out for your thoughts! You are the beginning of your deeds.” 5 Star speaker and the motivation wife Nicola Fritze is sure that the thoughts are just the beginning of acts. The award-winning speaker himself lives life as she would like to and is grateful that you allow external circumstances. There were also dark times where you realized, what is really important in life.

I learned how my thoughts and my actions myself and my life fashion, that Sun and clouds are alive, and that I can develop strength, when I get up again after falling down”, so Fritze. Since 2001 she speaks as a keynote speaker on the topics of motivation, communication, and the small”difference between men and women (gender). The motivation wife Nicola Fritze teach clearly intelligible, practical and tangible all their listeners, should consciously experiencing how they think and act. And they will develop the pleasure to think differently and act differently. The world should be questioned, and everyone should laugh at themselves or cry. As a motivational coach, Fritze believes that lot more potential in us, as we live it.

And we should live it! Just athletes know it, and people know it from the day-to-day doing: first is the head. Motivational speaker show how to successfully and effectively these challenges daily mental principles and methods from sports or music, and gain health and vitality. And that last a lifetime. The tips and suggestions in speeches of motivation trainers to personal and spiritual fitness, work-life-balance of burn-out prevention are feasible for everyone. Motivational impetus, that touch people and lasting change with their presentations. And they understand the concerns of its participants, listening to them and bring them sustainably to act.