Natural Cosmetics

Being the skin the most extensive organ of the human body (it occupies approximately two meters square), its health although some times we did not create it is ligature to the one of our organism. It acts like protective barrier that isolates the organism of the means surround that it, protecting it and contributing to maintain its structures complete, while it acts like system of communication with the surroundings. For that reason the skin undergoes constants aggressions and needs cares. And that better alchemy than the one of the plants that transform the light into matter, to take care of our skin. We are speaking of cosmetic the natural one.

The advantages of cosmetic the natural one are enormous for the health of the skin, because besides not being aggressive for this one, fortify and improve the skin functions thanks to the natural chemical components of the plants. Cosmetic the natural one does not have indirect effect and it does not produce allergies, which appear when colouring or excipientes cosmetics with too aggressive are used for the skin. The natural cosmetics must be compounds, in percentage superior to 90%, by natural raw materials of origin nonanimal (vegetal or mineral). We would have to know, that authentic cosmetic the natural one must be elaborated with ingredients of vegetal origin next to some smooth preservative to guarantee its durability. It does not have to contain harmful substances for the skin nor for the health of the user, that also includes the natural raw materials that can be irritating, toxic or dangerous.

In principle, this assures the Cosmetic Norm the Ministry of Health. Cosmetic the natural one is based, mainly, in the use of plants and its extracts. It would have to be an economic motor that harnesses ecological agriculture and the right commerce with the producing countries of certain plants.