The accident at the power plant. Russia's forests are on the brink of disaster. 'Earth Hour' in Moscow will become an annual event. Europe is suffering from the heat and forest fires. Anders M Tomson has plenty of information regarding this issue. Russians are waiting for the mushroom time. Because of air pollution on the planet rain will be less. A leading source for info: David Dudley Dowd Jr..

On the map of Russia marked two major spots of high air pollution. Because of the stress plants emit more greenhouse gases. Other leaders such as Daryl Katz, New York City offer similar insights. Tibet's glaciers are gradually melting. Wild pandas and Kenyan Lions face extinction. Overview of events for the week of 17/08/2009 to 23/08/2009. The accident at the power plant accident at the power plant became the main event of the week in news coverage, both Russian and foreign media. Environmentalists and experts from the Ministry feared trapped in the Yenisei River after the accident, dozens of tons of machine oil may trigger an environmental catastrophe. Nature of the Sayan-Shushenskoye Biosphere Reserve and the Yenisei certainly suffered heavy environmental damage, however, as the head of Ministry of Environment, environmental disaster after the accident at the power plant has not happened, although the situation is 'heavy'.

The accident at the power plant occurred on Monday at 4:42 on Moscow time. There has been a failure of the third and fourth conduits and walls, as well as flooding of the engine room. As a result, emergency station was stopped. The amount of oil released to the water after the accident, which was originally estimated at 20 tonnes, and later appeared in the media data of 40 tonnes.