Mexican National Football Team

The Mexican national football team has the upper hand and one foot on the plane that would take it to the black continent to play another World Cup. As soon as two games to finish the tie, and has secured at least the playoff, but no, the PRI will go straight into the top three, his rival football and waiting for you in the last two dates speaks for itself. On 10 October he receives in his similar Azteca El Salvador, a team that is still subject to a thread of hope, but should not represent major setbacks to the premises, four days later pays a visit to Trinidad and Tobago difficult but if you play the same as it did against Costa Rica insurance brings three points. Mexico’s biggest rival in the home stretch is Mexico itself, if you go up the fumes of greatness and disparaged rivals, care, although with Aguirre in the command I doubt this happens, as the “Basque” is an expert in people have to make your feet flat on the ground. The “fireman” Aguirre again demonstrated that nature and delivery can achieve great things, although he says that there is still “as we all know that there is no doubt that once again bring life to a dying man (selection) to see how the world was slipping out of hand, as that as happened in the 2002 qualifiers.

Now you notice a team working with order and what is most important delivery, with heart and drive. Looking at the standings and the schedule of other teams, the Tri is likely to end as a pointer, you have two hard games but not as much as their competitors. Now, there are five still fighting for three and a direct ticket to the playoffs, but on paper the Aztecs seem to carry some advantage, but not gringos, Hondurans, Costa Ricans and cuscatlecos, who fight each other to vie for tickets to the world. To prepare suitcases Mexico should keep the style of play he showed against Costa Rica and Honduras, without giving time to the rival in turn to make their game and take over all lines, and only recover a little respect he had lost. On the other hand, do not know if we become frustrated or be glad that the “Cuau,” 36-who cast them back to the team, but the truth is that it has managed to exercise leadership and his particular style of play to draw forward to the selection and nothing has hindered the work of the young. The so-called White to selection has been another success of the “Basque” who has managed to combine experience with youth. Others who have excelled have been Giovanni Dos Santos, Efrain Juarez (a revelation) and Guillermo Ochoa, who had already demonstrated that he should be in the Mexican arc there in South Africa..