Knee Bandages

Kombeza and t-shirts are single-layered, multi-layered, denim and canvas. In the IAP are only allowed odnosloyki. As crews kombeza helps keep his feet, ass and back. When you start to sit down, then run into kombeza ass, and the strap keeps your back and do not give it collapsing. Kombeza help you at the lowest point, at the top will stand up for yourself. Mike squeezes his arms and chest, and does not give you lower the bar. Hanging sufficient weight you still selling it. Mike will help you lower point, however, have further squeezed the most.

Knee bandages act as springs. To get them to raise, you have to sit in and then having beaten the bandages will help you get up. How to properly wear uniforms bandages wound on his knee and the arm just above the knee. After winding the end of the bandage to stick under the last round. Before you put kombeza, put trash bags on their feet.

Then Insert your feet in both legs and stretch them as possible. Then let you Two men lift a hand in the strap kombeza. Take a few steps in the air. If the tights have not slipped, then lie down on the bench, put your feet on it, let your partner stretch leg even higher. Stand up, put on a strap and lean on straight legs, so that would kombeza sat on the hamstrings. Pull out the packages. Before you put on a shirt, put his hands on trash bags.