Join Victim Support Activities

A call to the adherents of the Patagonia without dams campaign to show solidarity with the Chilean citizens who are living difficult times following the earthquake on Saturday in the south central area of the country made the coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann Samhaber. The leader pointed out that the best way to work today from Patagonia, where no problems were generated following the strong earthquake, is to follow the instructions that the authorities are giving to that effect, become part of the campaign now being carried forward and volunteer at them. "What we have experienced as a country has been tremendous, and each citizen must make the effort necessary to come to the aid of those who today are suffering. And that corresponds also to civil society organizations that work precisely because collective good, "said Peter Hartmann. He added that the various organizations involved in the campaign are from the first day doing the work to assess the situation of members of his own bands "and go to the aid of all who have suffered firsthand the devastating effects of the earthquake, mainly in the area of the Maule and Concepcion, as is the case Codeff and other local groups" . In the case of the Aysen Region Peter Hartmann said the Citizens Coalition has reported to the Inspectorate and the Regional Municipality of Coyhaique their willingness to collaborate with the campaigns that are pursuing "any more time to arm every man his own initiative need to join those already working. " Finally, he indicated that a number of activities being planned for this summer, as the case of the commemoration of World Day of Action Against Dams on 14 March in El Manzano "have been postponed until further notice because in the current situation not a priority and do not want to devote efforts to initiatives that divert attention from what is now essential to support the Chileans living in the quake zone on Saturday last. "