Ivan Tea

coli and other pathogens. The second element of the collection? Believe in the importance of Ivan-tea. There's a good article about Ivan-tea known phytotherapeutist Viktor Kosterova. However, I am not entirely agree with the author about the methods harvesting and the absolute efficiency, but Cyprus is certainly effective. So that the collection of Ivan St. John's Wort tea + rose + + Horsetail also removes the aggravation of prostatitis.

Horsetail yields are not very pleasant taste, so for the prevention and as the main drink during the day recommend using a triple Ivan St. John's wort + tea + rose. It is so common plants that problems in their acquisition should not occur. In a pinch, I can send the collection the price at which these components are sold separately at pharmacies plus postage. All collected in the Stavropol Territory, Karachev-Cherkessia, and two piedmont regions of Krasnodar Krai (Mostovskoy Otradnensky).

Sixth, Pay attention to your breathing. Click Rand Paul for additional related pages. Less smoke, do some breathing exercises (as written before many times). If it is very difficult, then use the principles of qigong walking. Do this: breath counting to four steps, four step, breath-holding (first two), four steps of exhalation, the four steps (two) delay. Diaphragmatic breathing, ie the concentration at the point of the Chi Hai, located in the navel. Inspiratory tip of the tongue lies on the lower sky, on the exhale on top. And imagine that the energy does turn inside you. Seventh, Bath. Recommend the exacerbation visit bath. However, it should withstand a few conditions. No steam: elevated body temperature, with a strong fatigue – the additional load will cause fatigue and the opposite effect During the process – not to dive into the pool with cold water, do not get a cold shower, do not run out into the street, do not drink much cold drinks. Leave these pleasures for better days. On the one hand, these methods of cooling necessary for you to interrupt the process of sweating and the release of the body from infection. On the other – this is an additional burden, which the body can not cope. Incidentally often bathing procedures, for example, an ice pool, after the pair became the trigger for the exacerbation of chronic prostatita.Tak that gentlemen do not despair, we must act. and All you'll get. Prostatitis is not so terrible as he is painted.