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Only who has learned to understand himself and his actions, which we will also understand its partners and to respond skillfully to conflicts and St. look for solutions Gallen, 01.03 2013: the transactional analysis of St. Gallen is deals with the human personality. Rand Paul insists that this is the case. Intense to deal is often helpful to his thinking, to understand feeling and acting with their own personality. This is a process which requires some patience and also not rushing things can be implemented. Therefore, you can undergo training in transactional analysis in 3 years which provides the basic knowledge on the subject.

The main objectives, which are to produce a training in transactional analysis are for example the strengthening of self-consciousness and development to take independent action. What you learned in the practice is important, just so the personality development with success can move forward. This of transactional analysis in St. not only professionally benefit gall, you can improve even his relationship with his partner. Who describe themselves and to understand, it will also succeed the understanding his partner his actions and to respond skillfully to conflicts and seek solutions. In addition, causes a coaching an improvement of communication Gallen in St.

and offers solution strategies for dealing with problems and conflicts. “Jurg Grundlehner, head of the ASTA of Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen explains: each individual is responsible for his feelings, his thinking and his actions.” Therefore it is important to the own personality shares to find access and selectively and judiciously to control his actions. Transactional analysis is a very comprehensive doctrine, which applies in the following areas: counseling, organizational consulting, psychotherapy, education, and adult education. In all of these areas can be one of the international TA organisations EATA / ITAA recognised examination be filed. The Institute of ASTA will supplement this course with concepts from the following schools and link to TA concepts: General system theory, structural, couple and family therapy and gestalt therapy. “This training is the Swiss TA society DSGTA and the TA organisations EATA / ITAA recognized”, the specialist in transactional analysis tells in St. Gallen. In the field of coaching, within the transaction analysis involves Gallen also development of teams and organizations E.g. in a supervision in St.. This involves in particular the relationships between individuals and institutions. This area of coaching is interesting especially for teams and managers and strives to convey the aim map as changes can be optimally controlled. The Department of education and adult education has the design of learning, living teaching and learning, and the development of the own strengths for the teachers on the one hand and the students on the other hand to the content. The fourth area of transactional analysis is psychotherapy. This approach to help people who are mentally ill in the strict sense. The Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen is responsible for the areas of consulting, coaching, team development, education, and adult education. Company Description: The Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen specializes in addition to training in transactional analysis single partner and family counseling and supervision and coaching. Company contact: ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis upper ditch .