Indignation And Praise

Praised either God, absolute Gentleman of the Universe: of the Celestial Spheres, the Creator! It saves the insupervel teacher, whose dexterity when prevailing the Symphony of the Creation, is incomparable, therefore the arcanjos, the angels all, querubins and serafins, they make of the Celestial Chorale part, and obey the baton of the Father, whose Only Son is Christ Jesus, also It, our God and Gentleman! Of the Worlds all existing ones, It is Creative it sempiterno. Master-Greater of all the Masters, gave to us Life to it and indicates us the Ways, this The holy ghost and loved Professor! Praised either God, pure essence of the wisdom, the goodness and it Love! More just between the right ones, the Judge of the judges! It is He himself JUSTICE, in highest, felt sublime concrete and. He does not differentiate between rich, powerful and humble poor persons and: All are Suas creatures, not importing It the existing physical diversities, much less, of the skin, the color! God fixed its attention in the qualities existing in the souls and the acts committed for the beings in its life, action and inaes, love or lovelessness. Errors, perversities, lies and falsenesses, acts that confront the Laws Biggest: the ones that the God delivered for Moiss in the distant Sinai Mount: the Decalogue (*). Thus, the ones that such Laws infringe, God judges with severity, severity. Its joust sentence reflects the purest reality, therefore it is the Justice of Ours adored Master and only Gentleman! It is you of the Truth, What he always supports the good ones, giving to them to forces, increasing to them it faith, keeping to them erect on its proper feet! It is who them aid with Its Superior Force, to follow of raised head, to look at Franc, sincere right-hander and, stops in the fight for the good, the good one, for just, to perseverar with dignity, without still lowering the cervix, firmer, against the iniquities all, perpetrated for that if Its followers say, but in the truth, make of the holy ghosts Teachings ' letter morta'.