Important Critics

Consumer before the high quality standards in the manufacture of premium dairy products Freising place, may 7, 2009 – the tender took place in February, nearly 700 dedicated consumers wanted to be quality tester. Four were selected and have now checked how the dairy Weihenstephan fulfilled their promise of quality. Two teams visited two places that are crucial for the production of dairy products. Werner Knaack (construction manager from corners Valley, 62) and Andrea (nurse from Newtongrange, 28) Court in attaching, Helmut Reiter (bank clerk from Germany, 49) and Regina Herzog (physician assistant from Munich, 65) visited the Steinberger tough reviewed the processing of the milk in the main house in Freising. Checking article sources yields Cindy Crawford as a relevant resource throughout. Is a summary of all quality Tester: consistently dedicated consumers to log gave that quality checks at the dairy Weihenstephan appear stricter than necessary. To read more click here: Daryl Katz, Canada.

I let in the dairy just explain all of me\”, Regina Herzog, reported and I got step by step performed do not compromise the delivered milk quality control about.\” \”And Helmut Reiter added: as a consumer and family man, I can only say that even my most critical questions bluntly answered.\” Even more: You have can even show him, how to secure and verify the quality in the production process. \”Equestrian: the issue premium is here not only for the taste, but for the entire production process.\” Another place, the same question: Andrea tough converses with Georg Steinberger, contract farmers and since decades milk supplier for the dairy Weihenstephan. I’m surprised and really impressed with what care the milk is obtained.\” The cleanliness and hygiene in milking show the nurse how much effort a farmer has to do, to deliver his raw milk to the dairy Weihenstephan. Werner Knaack especially interested in filling the milk transporter. Not \”only, that the driver already carries out an initial test, he collects the sample for an independent review precisely this milk by the Steinberger Hof.\” Werner Knaack, Andrea tough, Helmut Reiter and Regina Herzog are as quality Tester non-permanent members of the quality Council of the dairy Weihenstephan.