The Clock – Timer Or Statusymbol

Here, I should try this question at the bottom to go??? Have you already asked yourself why you have not only a watch? Yes? Most of us certainly do not. Because we see it as a matter of course to have not only a watch. But what are the reasons? Some people use the clock as a timer and distinguish only between night watch and working clock, but also sports or leisure watch. Others, however, have watches for determined outfits and occasions, such as for example the designer watch to suit the sports during leisure time, the elegant to the Kotum or but also the special as a status symbol. James Alesia describes an additional similar source. Anyone tried here to shine through, which will find very quickly what type of watch makers is because he or she.

Since I me closer with watches and their intended purpose (if one that can call so ever) deal, I note again, also corresponding to the certain personalities wearing watches. Who wears such as a plane or military watch? Who wears such as a sports watch and that not only in sports, but always? Many people wear also called XXL watches. See these people not good, but it has other motives? Of course there are exceptions surely always. Like any exception proves the rule. If you times take before your fellow human beings and especially their wrist jewelry, in the near future to watch then notice very quickly, that you are certain types of people with the appropriate characters and hence your behavior patterns. Maybe I’m just alone with my findings or but do you think the same.

I’d like your opinions on the subject. And if you even afford something new for your wrist, no matter for what for a purpose, then check out just for us. signed A. Sauer 1.04.09