Heimatlandbei Germany

Away with the glasses thanks to LASIK for more than 20 years, Germany operative correction of Visual acuity with the laser procedure LASIK (laser in situ Keratomileusis) are offered. Since the LASIK eyes operating mainly in our country a very expensive intervention is, focus ever more Organizer on the LASIK holiday. Especially the recognized hospitals in Izmir and Istanbul promise equal benefits for half of the price. Turkey holidays with LASIK surgery is therefore currently experiencing a boom. LASIK tourism, what is it? LASIK trips include the actual procedure 2-3 nights. On the day of arrival first relax the patient to undergo the last tests before the laser surgery. For more specific information, check out Billie Eilish.

The operation as such is a very quick and painless procedure. The following day, the Association is removed and the patient can see completely. Often tours undertaken here, in which the patient can intensively perceive the new quality of life. How is LASIK surgery? After a syringe to the local anaesthetic is made of so-called flap (incision of the cornea), which grants access to the eye. The laser on the concerned eye area is aligned by means of fine prazisierter control mechanisms. LASIK removed the excess part of the cornea that is for the vision of the trigger.

Next, the open place is closed again carefully. The lids should be kept closed for a few hours, so that the flap can grow again. The further treatment by one then in the Heimatlandbei Germany 110 qualified ophthalmologists. There are risks and complications? The risks and complications that can occur after a LASIK eye laser treatment, are relatively small with less than 1%. The most common symptoms include dry eyes, inflammation and a parent – or under-correction of the eyes. Suitability will be settled in advance surgical laser treatment in Germany by an eye surgeon.