Health And Safety At Work

The fight against work accidents is one of the main battlefronts of the workers in the last century. However, daily numerous industrial accidents take place for breach of the most basic safety precautions from employers. In those cases in which the worker suffers any type of personal or patrimonial damage because of poor compliance by his company of the rules on prevention of occupational risks, arises a right to receive financial compensation that allows you to mitigate such damage supported in their favor. The fear of the claim against the company that right of the worker to claim is derived from the so-called principle of extra-contractual liability, indicating that anyone who causes harm to another with guilt or negligence must be repaired or economically compensate the damage caused. However, sometimes imposed fear employees losing their jobs or that their conditions in the same being seriously injured (for example, with the worst shifts allocation, more tasks) painful or by the likelihood of workplace harassment) and such cases are left without any complaints.

You need to be aware of who has failed to fulfil their duties with respect to the worker is the company, not to put at your disposal a safe and risk-free working environment. If you were in this situation you should be aware of the degree of relief that you could get if opt demand economic compensation for your damages. Moreover, on many occasions such claim may carry out amicably with the company and without any impact on your working relationship with it. The problem in such cases as it happens with any litigation, obtain compensation for the harm suffered can finish resulting in a confusing and sometimes frustrating experience. That is why a lawyer regarding damage can be of great help. He knows the legal terms and with his experience can quickly assess whether or not a particular case has chance of success in the courts.

Your collaboration will be especially indispensable if because of the injury suffered the worker should ask sick leave, for example in the case of paralysis or carpal tunnel syndrome. If you were in this situation do not forget to pass the time. With a lawyer you can solve all your doubts and leaving your case in your hands, you focus on the most important thing of all: your own recovery.