Health and Psychology

After the knowledge of several demands of North American girls to McDonald s, Morgan Spurlock carries out and directs a film that reflects on the fast and cheap food, but very dangerous and bad for the health. By means of an experiment, carried out by Morgan, consisting of which its diet is made up, during 30 days continued, unique and exclusively of the foods that offers this chain, it tries to demonstrate that this type of diets constitutes a conduct of risk for the health that has serious consequences on this one. Two conducts of Risk: Conducts that entail an increase of posibildiad to contract a certain disease, or physical or psychic. Diet Mc Donald s: To exclusively base its nutritional diet on this type of fast food To continue with the experiment in spite of being becoming ill Two conducts of Health: Case Alternative Central Institute of Appleton. Natural diet Owens. The case of the newyorquino: To walk in place to use transport According to the different explanatory theoretical models, that they conform the structure of analysis of the psychology of the health, very diverse reasons exist for which the people we put in practice risk or health conducts certain. Models leave from the supposition of which the attitudes and the beliefs are the main determinants of the behavior Models and Expectation-Value Theories: Beliefs of health, Theory of the reasoned action and the planned behavior, and the Theories of the protective motivation. These models are based on two types of cognition: the subjective probability that a conduct us it will take to the obtaining of awaited results and the valuation of the results of the action.