Healing Wounds

All the professionals of the conduct we know that within much people a wounded boy exists whom there is to heal to trust to us, to jeopardize and to give us to us in our interpersonal relations, knows more this here. The Interrupting event: During our childhood we live yes what is called comfortable continuity that is to say, ramos children, provided of all the necessary one for our survival (no; not we would be here), until day something happened that marked our life, that was a part waters, before and later, this is called to him interrupting event, normally this interrupting event is associate to painful emotions like sadness, anger and/or fear, of this event becomes an interpretation and as a result of all this determination of life, by ejem. a patient, blonde of clear eyes and handsome it relates to me that it had of girl grandfathers, who were the patriarch of his family, that always did not accept because their brothers were whiter and blond than she and the grandfathers it directed offensive to her saying to him: here Black Qutate of Indian , ugly. To all it took gifts less to them her, and clear that it being a girl suffers much the scorn of the grandfathers and interprets: How I am one black , Indian ugly, I do not deserve anything, I do not deserve to be wanted respected and she grows and house with which she does not respect it that she does not love it, who is to him unfaithful and that even must she it maintain. It determines to hold all this by the interpretation: I am one Black , Indian , ugly that it interprets by the treatment of the grandfathers. The Treatment: Once located the interrupting event and making the interpretation conscious of life that I did to traverse of him as well as the determinations taken as a result of all this and most important releasing the painful feelings I can redeterminar my life in other words to heal young wounded that many we took inside. The Techniques: Two techniques exist very effective to take to I dig the treatment of the hurt boy, one is the Gestalt psycotherapy since it works with the painful situations of our life mainly releasing emotions and promotes brings back to consciousness: occurring account than happened in there and then. And the Kundalini Yoga that works the body, the mind, the emotions adjusting all this through the yoguica discipline and combining both disciplines then no longer is way of not being cured.