Fibromyalgia a condition that primarily affects women, its main characteristic is the pain by different parts of the body, tiredness that does not improve with rest, insomnia, tingling and cramps in arms and legs, in addition to hypersensitivity in different parts of the body. It is a condition unknown or poorly understood by most physicians and society in general. This kind of ignorance makes the person suffering feel something battered by the lack of help. Traditional solutions instead of solving the root, conventional medicine Fibromyalgia is limited to masking the symptoms through medication. However, tranquilizers can cause addiction, and beta-blockers can lead to a multitude of side effects. In addition to the problem of adding, fibromyalgia drugs alter the perception of reality and conceal the problem only for the duration of the treatment, without resolving long-term. A new weapon against the chiropractic pain strengthens the body’s resistance front the fibromyalgia. Remove nerve interference along the column, doctor of chiropractic restores the balance between the accelerator and brake, giving the Agency a better capacity of adaptation to their environment.

To protect themselves from the negative effects of fibromyalgia, just a State control of your column and your nervous system by a doctor of chiropractic. If your problem requires a more detailed medical checkup, this will lead to the most suitable specialist. Act now. A healthy nervous system is the best armor to protect themselves from the fibromyalgia.