Feet Blisters

The good tiempecito already arrives and we began to put footwear, our sandals, manoletinas, zapatitos new all monkeys, but, what it happens. Then what it happens is that they leave those horrible blisters to us in the feet by the rubbing of the hunted one, that do walking to us an impossible task. What horror! The blisters are protuberances in the skin that contain liquid. Usually they are circular and the liquid usually is transparent although some times it acquires a bleeding color. A blister is zone irritated in the skin because of the rubbing. Shoes little adapted usually produce reddening of the skin that will lead the appearance of a blister if the zone affected with a sticky tiirita or dressing is not protected. In order to avoid the blisters, the shoes do not have to bother us at the time of the test before buying them. To use socks also aid to avoid the appearance of the blisters.

It is necessary to protect the zone with a plaster, before it leaves the blister to us. What to do with the blisters. I what I do am to puncture them and to drain the liquid. We will puncture the blisters with a needle previously disinfected on a flame or with alcohol. After to puncture, we will wash the zone smoothly, until the liquid of its interior has left completely. Also it is possible to be happened in thread through the pin so that once you cross the blister with him the thread remains inside thus to absorb the liquid of the blister. What one is not due to do at any moment is, to retire the skin covers that them, because you can favor the appearance of infections. Later, to apply alcohol, betadine or any antiseptic, on the zone after draining the liquid and several days later, until you see that no longer they supuran and the adjacent skin is complete.