Family Therapy

It is very important not to skip a meal. 3 – Family Therapy: In relation to family therapy, there are two alternatives: the strategic model or structural. The first advises the patient not to change, to continue with the binge, but that record everything you eat every day. Also explains the role of their symptoms within the family, allowing understanding bulimic behaviors as addressed to an end and not as something wild, and this is what makes the patient feel that you can modify the behavior. This treatment usually lasts between seven and fifteen sessions. The other structural approach to the therapist, as in the treatment for anorexia, try to modify the family structure. DRUG: ANOREXIA: The use of drugs for the treatment of anorexia nervosa has few benefits, so it has virtually reduced their use.

What you are trying to achieve with medication is the weight gain, correct the action of the neurotransmitters involved in the disorder and anxiety or depression change of patients. Neuroleptics have been used predominantly in cases where anxiety and antidepressants. However, many authors agree that depression in anorexia nervosa appears as a result of malnutrition, and therefore it is advisable to make a recovery of weight before medicating. BULIMIA: It is believed that in the short term the tricyclics are effective for reducing binge eating and vomiting, but not long term. Also produce several side effects including sedation, weight gain, so they tend to be a major cause of abandonment of this treatment. SSRIs also inhibitors (serotonin reuptake) have obtained very good results, in fact the most effective to produce few side effects, poor weight gain and increased appetite.