How many times you’ve raised lose weight without success? do many times has stopped it the first pass because you perdias only a few grams, or not perdias anything, even up to engordabas? No one said this was easy, nothing has been said that you would not cost, weight loss is a process too slow to the objectives that we usually mark, and should be a lot of perseverance. Do you want to know why what? We must respond to 3 basic questions. The dietary is part of a healthy diet. WHEN YOU EAT. Distribute the meal of the day in 5 shots: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. The lunch and dinner must be ligeramente(solo ligeramente) higher than the rest of meals in quantity, and the most abundant breakfast than usual.

WHAT AND HOW MUCH YOU EAT. Start meals with something healthy, like an Apple or a salad, to reduce appetite. You should avoid fried foods and sauces, and consume the least possible fats. You must reduce the amount of animal protein that are consumed. Sugars or carbohydrates of carbon are better at breakfast, reducing its consumption with what you eat frequently. GET EXERCISE. The exercise is imperative for weight loss, although the main thing is a diet healthy. It is recommended to walk an hour to step quick, at least 3 times a week.