However, it has other consequences, sufficiently pleasant, that we discover thanks to the creation of the evil: the love, the health, the peace, the life, etc. another side of the existence of the evil Is this that the people do not obtain to enxergar, but that Gods explain the reason having bred. Why God created the Evil? To have this knowledge is to know even so that God is the responsible one, that indirectly, for all the consequences that the evil brought. However, everything what it is had as badly thus it is because of the existence of the Evil. The violence would not exist, for example, if God had not created the Evil.

But, finally, what it is the evil? Of sufficiently simple form we can appraise the evil as the opposite of the good. Of more complex form, we can appraise it as the caracterizadora source of the good, or either, the reason of being of the good. Soon, the Evil was born of the Good so that this could be characterized as such. Without the evil, the good cannot be characterized as good. In the example that explanei in the study is clear this conclusion. The health alone if characterizes as something good because of the existence of the illness. However, if the illness did not exist, the health never could thus be characterized; any would be only one state, of small account, in our life. But, thanks to the illness, the health state gains great importance in what it says respect its preservation and care, being characterized as something good, desirable.

However, the existence of the illness depends on the previous existence of the health. It would be impossible to have the illness without it had, first, the health. The evil of the illness characterizes the benignancy of the health, but the existence of that one depends on the existence of this.